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Lex Wall Hanging

I've been working with the concept of negative spaces lately and the Lex wall hanging is the first piece from those efforts. I like the results of a running stitch within a plotted area on a whole cloth quilt. I thought this project was worthy of using some yardage from my last indigo dip.

I started with sketching simple designs and then began breaking it up, which is an element consistent throughout my work.  I really like to see the evolution of my own ideas.  It's fun to keep changing up one pattern and see how far it can take you.

Even though it's a wall hanging and no one will really see the back, I still like to hand sew the binding closed.  It's fair to argue that I just really don't have patience to close it up via machine and get it perfect, but the extra detail is quite lovely.

Jonnie RetteleComment