Rettele Fibers


I create original quilts as well as elaborating on traditional quilt blocks. Salvaged fabrics and natural dyeing guide the process of creating each individual piece. Each piece is thoughtfully built on at a time.


Rettele Fibers creates quilted heirloom pieces meant for everyday use. Designer, Jonnie Rettele,

believes in the fusion between traditional quilting styles and modern compositions. She incorporates

natural dyeing, salvaged textiles and hand quilting into every piece.

After enough years in the fashion industry, this burned out apparel designer took the opportunity to slow down

and make something that could be appreciated for its mastery and elegance. This deviation from mass

manufacturing and consumer culture has become a guiding principle in Rettele’s body of work. Each quilt

made in the Rettele Fiber’s studio is thoughtfully designed and built with precision and care.

Jonnie splits her time between NYC and Austin. Both regions inspire the tone of her work

creating a harmony both in color and composition.