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Bow Tie Quilt

Here's a simple quilt I put together with only a couple shapes.  I really like quilts with a white background and the simplicity of this one is refreshing - probably because I live in a tiny, dark Manhattan apartment and need all the help I can get when it comes to brightness . The top and bottom binding, done in pepper, adds another simple detail that I'll consider doing in the future.


The back is always a great opportunity to use up scraps and keep it loose. I like the option of having a side that's more freeform to contrast the precise geometrics.  And of course, my usual whip stitch of the binding closure screams handmade. 

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Salvaged Denim Housetop Quilt

Building this house top quilt felt a lot like painting. Each piece of denim is unique which helps to create such a rich palette of indigos. It feels good to rescue clothing, headed to landfills, and create something that will last for many decades.

Machine pieced and hand quilted, this quilt is a heavy one.  Perfect for a bed in the winter.  

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Square Deal Quilt

This one is still my favorites.  For me, there is no ONE way to begin designing a quilt. Sometimes I plot it out with Illustrator, sometimes pencil & paper and sometimes I like to just throw fabric on the table and see what works together. That's how this quilt came together. 

Half naturally dyed and all hand quilted - about 50 hours of love and patience went into building this quilt. I lucked out and salvaged two fabrics that were the same print with different color ways for the backside. The red line running through the selvedges added a great detail. 

Someone should write a poem about this quilt. 


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